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Fining Agents

Highly specific products that remove undesirable elements such as potentially oxidizable polyphenols, proteins or other solid elements from wine.

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More info about Fining Agents

Fining agents are selected according to the element to be removed. If an excess of astringent and/or drying polyphenolic compounds is detected in the wine, it is advisable to add high molecular weight proteins (long-chain gelatins or egg albumin), which will react quickly with the undesired compounds and eliminate them, achieving a smooth effect in the final wine. On the other hand, if the wine has a marked protein instability, it is advisable to add inorganic compounds (bentonite or silica sol) so that during the process they drag this excess of proteins and the desired stability is achieved.

There is the possibility of using “complex clarifiers”, since they incorporate the necessary elements to achieve the desired effect, saving preparation time and even managing the process more effectively. Fining agents can be used in the harvest or in the finished wine.