Oenological processes


The wine arrives at the moment of bottling in an optimal sensory situation. Evolution in the bottle corresponds to aging in reductive conditions that will improve the integration of the wine’s components, allowing them to be appreciated as a homogeneous whole, without edges or individual characteristics that stand out from the rest.

To guarantee a good evolution, it is necessary to control the oxide-reductive conditions of the winemaking process and the concentration of oenological gases at the time of bottling. To this end, AGROVIN has tools for controlling the redox potential of wines and for managing dissolved gases at the time of bottling, resulting in a safe bottling process where the occurrence of problems of various kinds is reduced.

Obtaining information on the oxidation-reduction situation of the wine will help us to avoid organoleptic deviations and to carry out antioxidant corrections in an effective manner.

Gas management associated with the character of the wine will improve its evolution.

Dosage at bottling

In-line dosing of stabilizing products, in an efficient and precise manner, facilitates and ensures the stabilization and bottling process of wines.

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