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Enzymatic preparations in oenology are a very precise tool both for solving technological problems of racking or pressing and for making the most of the grape’s qualities in terms of aroma and color.

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The appropriate combination of the different enzymatic activities allows to valorize and make profitable must and wine yields. Three groups of enzyme preparations can be distinguished, depending on their main activity:

pectolytic enzymes for the improvement of debourbage, clarification and filtration: Enozym LUX, Enovin Clar, Enovin Pectinase, Enovin FL.
– Enzymes for aroma extraction: Enozym EXTRA AROME (release of varietal aromas) and Enovin Varietal (use in wine to release terpenic and nor-isoprenoid precursors found in non-odorant forms).
– Enzymes for color extraction: Enovin Color, Enovin CROM and Enozym Vintage produce an increase in structure and stability in treated musts and wines due to the compensated extraction of polyphenols.
– Enzymes for the release of yeast polysaccharides or glucan breakage (from rotten grapes): Enozym GLUCAN.
– Enzymes for the micribiological stability of wines and musts: Enovin LYSO