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Enovin FL is a liquid enzyme preparation specifically designed for dynamic desludging processes and particularly for flotation.

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It facilitates the rapid degradation of the pectin, and the ascent to the surface of the solid particles, allowing to quickly obtain clean must.

It favors the complementary action of clarifying agents (gelatin, silica sol, bentonite).

It guarantees the formation of a compact, dense foam on the float and the perfect separation of the must.


  • Dynamic flotation desludging. Due to the intrinsic peculiarity of the flotation settling system, the mechanism of action of the enzymes is different than in other oenological processes: the degradation of pectin must occur very quickly (<4 hours) and must remain in the form of small flocs to allow its ascent to the surface. The cutting activities of this preparation facilitate this process.
  • It can be used for other dynamic desludging processes: centrifugation.


Settling: > 2 g/ hl

Flotation: > 2 g/ hl

Centrifugation: > 2 g/ hl


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