Oenological processes

Clarification and stabilisation

From the vineyard to the moment of bottling, the work we carry out on the grapes, the must and the wine will have a direct impact on the character of the wine produced. A moment of profiling of those aspects that may deviate from the desired objective will be clarification and stabilization, where we polish the less pleasant sensations and enhance those aspects that we are interested in perceiving with greater intensity, bringing the wine closer to a specific profile.


At Agrovin we have different fining agents of great specificity that remove from wine those undesirable elements such as potentially oxidizable polyphenols, proteins or other solid elements. 

It is important to work on the compounds that interfere with the quality of the wine, avoiding astringency, increasing brownish tones or enhancing bitterness and dryness.


The control of microorganisms in bottled wine will reduce the risk of refermentation, appearance of volatile compounds, turbidity or increase in volatile acidity.

Solutions and tools to ensure colloidal equilibrium, one of the most difficult to obtain due to the complex composition of the wine matrix.