The present of innovation

With our own innovation systems and the high technical value resulting from R&D&I projects for a more responsible winery, we provide safe, durable and effective solutions that create value for wineries and winemaking.

We cover the entire production process

Agrovin Isometric Technology

Our equipment

UltraWINE Perseo 1024x791 1

Ultrawine Perseo

Extraction of the grape’s maximum potential by Ultrasound

UltraWINE Perseo 1024x791 1

Ultrawine Perseo

Extraction of the grape’s maximum potential by Ultrasound

Electrowine DosiOx 1024x791 1


RedOX potential monitoring



Intelligent gas management

FreeK 1024x791 1


Cation exchange

Ulises 1 1024x791 1


Automatic management of remounts

DosiOX 1024x791 1


Precise oxygen dosing

Pyxis 1024x791 1

Agatha Pro

Dosing of liquid solutions in the bottling process

Pyxis 1024x791 1


Dosing of liquid solutions in harvest

HL2 1024x791 1


Ion exchange

Dossisol One

Dossisol One

Sulphur dioxide dosage

Tank Control Mockup

Tank Control

Integral winery management

Tank Control Mockup

Tank Control

Integral winery management

Agrovin's systems include:

Technology 4.0

Remote control of the system from wherever you want


Enabling greater control over the entire production process.

Oenological and technical advice

In-house team of engineers, mechanics and winemakers with international experience


Versatile and long-lasting machines

Innovation technology

More than 36 exclusive patents at the European, Eurasian and national levels: Spain, USA, France, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia.

Systems for more responsible wineries, we have energy certification for our Ulises Air-Pres system, which represents a 70% saving compared to traditional systems.

Since 2009 we have been the reference in the management of dissolved gases in wine, hence our Oxi-Out projects, which we have patented internationally.

Worldwide reference in RedOX potential measurement, combining our Electrowine system with DosiOx.

The first application of Ultrasound in oenology thanks to our internationally patented ULTRAWINE Perseo system.

Digitisation target with Technology 4.0 and patent for the Ulysses autonomous winding-up management system.

With Agrovin you don’t have to worry about anything. We are with you throughout the whole process. Before, during and after.

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