Ultrawine Perseo

Extraction of the maximum potential of the grape by Ultrasonics

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Efficiency and sustainability

The Eco-innovative ultrasound technology increases the extraction of compounds from the grapes in a shorter time compared to traditional vinification. Thanks to Ultrawine Perseo we have managed to reduce costs in the vinification process, improving the quality of wines through a method, ultrasound, which until now had not been used in the winemaking sector and which promises to be the future of oenology.

This system makes possible to extract the maximum potential from the grape by means of high-power, low-frequency ultrasound. The use of this technology makes it possible to treat more effectively grapes with imbalances between phenolic and technological maturity as a result of climate change.

Ultrawine Perseo USA

This is how Ultrawine Perseo works

The application of ultrasound produces a cellular disorganisation where the cytoplasmic membrane is fragmented and the cell wall suffers deep wear, forming tiny channels (or pores). The organelles of the cytoplasm, where aromatic and phenolic compounds (plastids) are housed, migrate towards the outside of the cell through these pores, increasing the concentration in the must.


This extraction of aromatic and phenolic compounds from inside the cell, such as those that make up the cell wall, happens in thousandths of a second, and reduces maceration times by up to 50%.

Extraction of phenolic compounds

Extracción de taninos Ultrawine
Time (days)

Tannin concentration during the maceration of red grapes treated with Ultrawine-Perseo.

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Extracción de antocianos Ultrawine
Time (days)

Anthocyanin concentration during the maceration of red grapes treated with Ultrawine-Perseo.

Data Graphics Ultrawine Perseo 1
Oligosaccharides and polysaccharides
Extracción de oligosacáridos Ultrawine

Extraction of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides after the treatment of red grapes with Ultrawine-Perseo.

Data Graphics Ultrawine Perseo 1
  • RG-II: Rhamnogalacturonan-II
  • MP: Mannoprotein
  • PRAG: Polysaccharides rich in arabinose and galactose
  • HL: Homogalacturonan
USA Data Ultrawine Perseo

Available models

Modelos Ultrawine Gráfica USA
Modelos Ultrawine Gráfica Mobile USA

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