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Mannoblanc is a preparation based on inactive yeasts and gallic tannin. It favors the development of aromatic expression and increased structure and volume. Protects white wines against early evolution.

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  • Inactive yeasts are a source of polysaccharides and mannoproteins which, in addition to participating in the tartaric and protein stability of white wines, contribute to improving their organoleptic perception. Polysaccharides and mannoproteins are directly involved in the sensations of smoothness, volume and length in the mouth, while their interaction with the aromatic fraction increases its persistence and prevents its early volatilization.
  • Gallic tannin reinforces the stabilizing and antioxidant properties, increases the varietal aromatic complexity of white wines and prevents early aging.
  • Its application softens the presence of astringent tannins from overly intense skin macerations or with grapes of poor maturity, as well as the presence of unpleasant thiol derivatives.


Production of white wines where an increase in aromatic intensity and volume in the mouth is desired. Protection against aromatic evolution.

  • Used from the early stages of winemaking, it protects the aromas and freshness of white wines and increases the mannoprotein fraction, resulting in fattier, rounder and more persistent wines.
  • Due to its inactive yeast content, Mannoblanc is an excellent fermentation nutrient, providing amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Especially recommended for the production of white wines with a marked varietal character or where subsequent aging on lees is desired. Provides frank lees, less reductive and more microbiologically stable.


Must 15-35 g/hl

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