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Polyphenolic compounds play an important role in the organoleptic characteristics of wines. A proper balance achieves an improvement in the aromatic expression and structure of wines.

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More info about Tannins

Oenological tannins are divided into two categories:

– Condensed tannins or proantocinidins: TAN Reactive, SuaviTAN, TAN Sutil, Tanicol SUPER and Tanicol XE, offer excellent antioxidant protections and color stabilizations, in addition the structure and body of wines are increased. They help color stability due to high polymerization properties.
– Hydrolyzable tannins or phenolic acids: Galitan, Vinitanon and Robletan are specific gallotannins and ellagitannins for exceptional antioxidant protection or fining without risk of over-sizing. In a medium such as wine (acid medium), they are easily hydrolyzed, providing phenolic acids such as gallic acid, digallic acid (or tannic acid) and/or ellagic acid depending on the botanical species from which the extract originates. They have excellent properties in the antioxidant protection of wines and help in difficult finings due to their high attraction to proteins.