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Solutions and systems to improve winemaking process

Leaders in quality and sustainability

Grupo Agrovin is the global and strategic partner of responsible wineries, with more than 65 years of experience in the wine industry as a leader in innovation, technical advisor and pioneer in the development of products and winemaking equipment, systems and laboratory services.

We help winemakers improve winemaking processes and define the character of their wines with the highest quality and in line with market trends.

We are also a supplier of products and machinery for other sectors such as food, beer and olive oil, as well as the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, among others.

We work for and with the responsible wineries of the future.

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Our work areas

Always with you, from beginning to end



Year after year, we invest heavily in R&D, collaborating with the most important wineries, research centers and universities in the world of wine.



We have an enological analysis laboratory accredited by ENAC. In addition to a highly qualified technical team for the interpretation of results and search for solutions.



We work to offer the best solutions according to the needs of wineries and winemakers, taking into account the latest trends and advances in the sector.


Design and commissioning

Consulting, customized design and installation of complete winery, oil mill and brewery plants.


Consulting and advisory services

Our team is made up of winemakers with extensive international experience in the sector.


Precision tuning

At Agrovin we have developed a range of products and tools to help the winemaker define the character of his wines in order to meet consumer demands.



We have a network of logistics, subsidiaries and distributors in the main wine regions to supply and support quickly anywhere in the world.


After-sales service

We have our own team of engineers, mechanics and winemakers to provide support and assistance throughout the process: before, during and after.

Present on 5 continents

We are present in the main wine regions of the world with our own delegation and also in more than 30 countries thanks to our distributors.

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The engine that drives us, our values

Customer orientation

We are close to our customers, knowing first hand their day to day life. Experience in the sector. Quick response. Knowing your circumstances and giving a quick response.



We are firmly committed to the quality of our processes, the environment and the care of our human capital.


We are continuously designing disruptive proposals and looking for new ways to excel.


We believe in what we do. We are excited about our work. Our energy is contagious, inspiring those around us. Passion is a testament to our commitment and dedication to what we do. We passionately seek the best and commit ourselves to it.


We seek to convey transparency, honesty, authenticity and trust in all our interactions. We fulfill the promises made and expectations created in each other. We present ourselves as we are.

Our origins

storage room with bottles of alcoholic drink in wooden racks00

Helping the winemaker

since 1957

At 1957our founder, saw a business opportunity and decided to invest in the to bet on the wine sector, opening a small opening a small store in his hometown (Alcazar de San Juan), with the aim of helping the winemakers of Castilla-La Mancha. to help the winemakers of Castilla-La Mancha to produce their wines. to produce their wines.

A few years later, we became a distributor of cutting-edge oenological products, and technical advisor technical advisor to the main wineries in Spain and we experienced a rapid national national expansion.


The manufacture of products own products products turned us into a national reference in oenological products, starting up one of the largest laboratories in the country. one of the largest laboratories in the country together with the creation of the R+D+i where today we develop internationally patented products and winemaking machinery.

In 1985 we began our international international expansion and we are present in +30 countriesserving +5,000 wineries.

ASeparador Agrovin Novedades

More than 64 years of history with you

“We work to be leaders in knowledge. We offer our customers the best solutions to produce their wines subject to the particular conditions of their winery and to adapt them to market trends. To this end, we have developed a range of oenological products, technological equipment and laboratory services that meet the needs of our customers and help to increase their degree of digitalization, energy efficiency and sustainability.”

Germán León
CEO Agrovin Group

Meet the management

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Would you like to join us?

Send us an email to recursoshumanos@agrovin.com and tell us why.


Germán León

CEO de Grupo Agrovin

Su misión dentro de Grupo Agrovin es situar a la compañía en el puesto número uno del ranking de empresas que trabajan por y para las bodegas de todo el mundo, en materia de enología técnica, innovación, eficiencia y digitalización.


Elvira Rubio

Directora General de Grupo Agrovin

Forma parte de la compañía desde hace más de 40 años y, desde entonces, su función principal ha sido la gestión integral de todas las áreas del grupo a nivel nacional e internacional.


Macario Vaquero

Director Financiero de Grupo Agrovin

Responsable del área de RRHH, finanzas, administración, control presupuestario e informática. Confía en el potencial de las personas que forman parte del grupo y apuesta por el impulso de la proyección personal y profesional de su equipo, necesaria para hacer crecer
cualquier compañía.


Isaac Rabadá

Director de Operaciones del Grupo

Actualmente es responsable de la expansión Internacional y del departamento de Operaciones que engloba Comercial, Innovaciones, Técnico y Marketing desde California, ciudad en la que reside.


Ricardo Jurado

Director Técnico de I+D+i

Gestiona las áreas de Innovación Tecnológica, Laboratorio, I+D+i y consultoría técnica. Su misión es el desarrollo de equipos innovadores para la enología y nuevos productos de vinificación.


Germán León

CEO of Grupo Agrovin

His mission within Grupo Agrovin is to place the company in the number one position in the ranking of companies working for and by wineries around the world, in terms of technical oenology, innovation, efficiency and digitalization.


Elvira Rubio

General Manager of Grupo Agrovin

She has been part of the company for more than 40 years and, since then, her main function has been the integral management of all areas of the group at national and international level.


Macario Vaquero

Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Agrovin

Responsible for HR, finance, administration, budget control and IT. He trusts in the potential of the people who form part of the group and is committed to promoting the personal and professional projection of his team, which is necessary to make any company grow.


Isaac Rabadá

Group Chief Operating Officer

He is currently responsible for International expansion and the Operations department which encompasses Commercial, Innovations, Technical and Marketing from California, where he resides.


Ricardo Jurado

R&D Technical Director

It manages the areas of Technological Innovation, Laboratory, R&D and technical consultancy. Its mission is to develop innovative equipment for winemaking and new winemaking products.

Discover the
Agrovin App

Discover the
Agrovin App

The Agrovin app has been designed to offerer a complete and efficient tool to simplify your daily tasks.

With a combination of resources, this app will allow you to streamline your decision making and optimize all your winemaking operations.

The Agrovin app has been designed to offerer a complete and efficient tool to simplify your daily tasks.