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Condensed tannin from grape seed with great effect on color stability due to its great reactivity and capacity to combine with anthocyanins. Increases the phenolic potential of the wine, providing great robustness and structure. Excellent in devatting where it increases the aroma of the wines, marking the varietal characteristics.

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In winemaking:

  • The grape tannin it contains makes it particularly reactive with anthocyanins.
  • Initial combination with the anthocyanins released in the first phase of maceration (aqueous phase). It avoids color fading and a better evolution over time is achieved.

In the descube:

  • Increases the content of condensed tannin from grapes favoring a balanced proportion of anthocyanins and tannins.
  • It gives the wine structure in an integrated and balanced way.
  • Increased aromatic profile of the wine.


Rosé wines 10-20 g/hl

Red wines 10-40 g/hl

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