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Mannoplus is purified mannoprotein, prepared for direct application in wine. It contains between 85-95% of soluble mannoproteins.

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  • It contributes to the sensory characteristics of the wine, providing density, unctuousness and body. It polishes aggressive tannins, reducing excessive astringency. Lime the excessive tannicity of the wood.
  • Restores acid balance by increasing positive mouthfeel.
  • Improves tartaric stability, preventing crystallization of tartaric acid salts.
  • Improves protein stability.
  • Improves color stability, by formation of protective colloids and stable complexes with tannins.
  • In the second fermentation: increase of volume in the mouth and persistence of the foam.

Due to the organoleptic intervention of mannoproteins, it provides smoothness and considerably increases the sensation of volume in the mouth.

Rapid action on the sensation of volume in the mouth. It does not contribute any additional aromatic register to the wine.


For white and red wines. Application on finished wine, last treatment before bottling.

  • For wines to be filtered: Mannoplus is added at least 24 hours before the last filtration. Mannoplus hardly increases the clogging rate of well-prepared wines. Microfiltration after treatment is unnecessary. It is recommended to know the clogging index before passing the wine through microfiltration.
  • For wines that are not to be filtered: add Mannoplus 24 hours before bottling. Once the wine has been added, it can be conveniently sulfited and bottled.
  • For sparkling wines: Application together with the expedition liqueur.


Red wine: 5-15g /hl

White wine: 2-10g/ hl

Sparkling wine: 2-10g. hl

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