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Tannin with high combination capacity with anthocyanins and marked antioxidant power. Protects the phenolic potential of the wine, providing great robustness and structure.

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Ideal for micro-oxygenation treatment, which favors the increase of color intensity and polymerization, achieving greater color stability over time. Avoids variations in hue, indicative of the minimal oxidation suffered by the phenolic compounds during the micro-oxygenation treatment.


In winemaking:

  • Initial combination with the anthocyanins released in the first phase of maceration (aqueous phase). It avoids color fading and a better evolution over time is achieved. High antioxidant power.

In the descube:

  • It compensates the amount of condensed tannin from grapes by favoring a balanced proportion of anthocyanins and tannins. Protects against oxidation.

In micro-oxygenation:

  • Rigorous control over the oxygen combination process. Structure contribution.


Red wines 5-30g/hL

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