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Tanicol RedSense is a perfect combination of ellagic tannin (chestnut), condensed tannin (grape seed) and red fruit tree tannin, ideal for the production of red and rosé wines.

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Tanicol RedSense achieves a complete sensory improvement; it increases color intensity and stabilization, improves structure and body and mainly, thanks to the volatile compounds of red fruit tree tannin, intensifies the fruit potential of the wines. Applied in the early stages of winemaking, it enhances the red and black fruit descriptors by integrating them into the wines from the winemaking stage.


In the production of red and rosé wines in which a complete sensory improvement is desired, increasing color intensity, color stabilization over time, smoothness in the mouth and mainly the increase of complexity in the nose, enhancing the red and black fruit descriptors:

  • Production of red wines with marked fruity notes, with vivid and stable colors.
  • Production of very aromatic and full-bodied rosé wines.
  • Production of young red wines with short macerations.
  • Production of aromatic aged wines.
  • Carbonic maceration winemaking.
  • Winemaking with prefermentative maceration.
  • Production of red wines by thermovinification or Flash Detente.
  • Elaboration of red varieties.


Red wines: 10-40g/hl
Rosé wines: 10-20g/hl