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Enozym Vintage is an enzymatic preparation designed for the extraction and stability of polyphenolic compounds during the fermentative maceration phase of red grapes.

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The objective of its application is, in addition to obtaining color, color stability through the balanced extraction of tannins, anthocyanins and polysaccharides.

Its specific action is suitable for medium and long macerations on grapes intended for barrel-aged wine.


  • It allows the efficient maceration of red grapes, helping the balanced extraction of anthocyanins and tannins. Ensures its stability by combination with polysaccharides. Very desirable effect when addition tannins are applied: improvement of the stability of exogenous tannin.
  • Extraction of aromatic compounds from skin cells. Wines treated with the enzyme express varietal aromas and a fuller mouthfeel.
  • The maceration time can be reduced by 25%, a desirable effect in short vatings.
  • Facilitates the clarification of musts and wines.


Maceration in red wines: > 1 g/100 kg
Pressed: > 3 g/100 kg
Filtration: > 2 g/hl
Wines/must affected by Botrytis: > 3 g/hl

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