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Manno Arome provides characteristic notes of toasted oak, increasing the aromatic complexity and structure of the wines.

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It is a preparation based on yeast bark and ellagic tannin from selected oak trees. The combination of mannoproteins with noble wood tannins confers a double aromatic and structuring action on the sensory qualities of red wines.

Yeast hulls are a source of polysaccharides and mannoproteins that participate in the colloidal protection of the polyphenolic fraction, avoiding precipitation of coloring matter.

They also contribute to the sensory characteristics of the wine, polishing aggressive tannins, reducing astringency and increasing the sensations of body and volume in the mouth.

The contribution of ellagic oak tannin increases the sensory quality of the wine, providing elegant notes of vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

In addition, oak tannins improve color stability and evolution over time. They also offer antioxidant protection at the onset of maceration.


In those vinifications where an increase in aromatic complexity is desired with characteristic toasted oak descriptors (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, nuts), stability of coloring matter and greater tannic softness.


  • Aromas of oak with characteristic descriptors (caramel latte, nuts, toast, chocolate, vanilla) with great integration into the wine as a whole. -It emphasizes varietal and fruity notes.
  • Reduces sensations of astringency and greenness.
  • Increased volume and structure of the wine.
  • Stabilizes color.
  • Detoxifying action.

The application of Manno Arome is recommended at the beginning of maceration so that the formation of polysaccharide-coloring fraction complexes begins as soon as possible, ensuring the properties of volume and structure in the mouth and the integration of the characteristic oak aromas.


Must 20-50 g/hl

Maximum authorized dose 53.3 g/hl

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