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Mannocrom is a preparation based on inactivated yeasts and proanthocyanidin tannin, rich in mannoproteins with structuring and stabilizing action on the chromatic qualities of red wines.

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  • Inactive yeasts are a source of polysaccharides and mannoproteins that participate in the colloidal protection of the polyphenolic fraction, avoiding precipitation of coloring matter.
  • They also contribute to the sensory characteristics of the wine, polishing aggressive tannins, reducing astringency and increasing the sensations of body and volume in the mouth.
  • The contribution of procyanidins (proanthocyanidin tannin) reacts with the anthocyanins to form very stable bonds. Color stability and its evolution over time are improved.


Production of red wines where an increase in the stability of coloring matter and greater tannic softness are desired.

  • The presence of polysaccharides and reactive tannins during the process of extracting polyphenols from grape skins allows their early polymerization.
  • Due to its inactive yeast content, Mannocrom is an excellent fermentation nutrient, providing amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The application of Mannocrom at the beginning of the maceration is recommended so that the formation of polysaccharide-dye fraction complexes begins as soon as possible.

After the first phases of maceration, fewer polyphenols are available for the formation of stable complexes with polysaccharides.


Must 15-35 g/hl.

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