ORP Monitoring

Portable ORP measurement equipment, designed to find the oxygen reduction state of the wines.

Electrowine optimizado 1

Application of Electrowine

The wine has a multitude of redox pairs and it’s difficult to find a balance.

Knowing how the free redox potential evolves in vinification and wine conservation helps us accurately manage the supply of oxygen and nutrition in fermentation and manage the O2 in the rest of the evolution of our wines.


The Electrowine system monitors the ORP values in which the wine is found in real time, which makes it possible to control the supply of oxygen and direct different interventions to achieve a safer vinification that is appropriate to the character of the wine that we want to create.

In fermentation

In conservation

Electrowine ORP reference values

*The Electrowine DosiOx version has a micro-oxygenator in the same portible unit.

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