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Viniferm NS TD is a strain of Torulaspora delbrueckii selected for its suitability for sensory improvement of wines.

Wine style

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Nose: Increases the complexity and aromatic spectrum of the wines. It intensifies floral registers by production of β-phenyl ethanol (rose, white flower) and varietal character by its potent β-lyase activity (grapefruit, boxwood).

In the mouth: It gives roundness and volume to the wines due to its important release of mannoproteins.


  • White and red varietal wines in which it is important to accentuate the sensations in the mouth.
  • Controlled fermentations of neutral varieties in which it is desired to increase aromatic complexity.
  • Production of floral rosé wines with increased volume on the palate.


Vinification 20-30 g/hl