Tank Control

Parameter monitoring and
automatic tank management

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The best way to predict
the future is to control the present

Accurately monitor and manage multiple tanks in your winery during the vinification, storage and preparation of wines. All this from a single point or control panel, efficiently and effectively. Tank Control allows you to constantly monitor various parameters in real time. You can choose between several parameters to monitor in the installation, according to your needs.

At Agrovin Technology we have the following:

  • A team of engineers to evaluate the installations of your winery and advise you in the development of the project. In addition to a team to carry out the installation, commissioning and after sales service.

Control of key winery parameters

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Example of parameter display on screen

Tank Control is a comprehensive cellar management system, where the winemaker can know, at all times and in each of the tanks, the key parameters for each stage of the wine’s life in the cellar.

All-in-one with many advantages

6 control systems in 1

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Measurement of oxido-reductive tendency

It measures and monitors the RedOx potential in tanks to identify the tendency of the wine towards reduction or oxidation, making it possible to control the supply of oxygen and nutrients to ensure safe and quality winemaking, oriented to the character of the wine we want to achieve.

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Oxygen dosing

Precise dosing of oxygen in wine by means of macro- and micro-oxygenation techniques.

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Pumping system

Ulysses injects air or inert gas at high pressure inside the tank through dual injection, which permits:

Thermocontrol Temperature Probes
Density measurement probes
  • Real-time measurement of the ideal density. The program makes a constant measurement and displays a weighted average every 5 minutes.
  • The system generates graphs of the density curve.
  • Thanks to this monitoring, the winemaker can act immediately based on his fermentation protocol in case of any deviation.
Level sensors
  • They measure the presence of must/wine and reflect the quantity present at all times.

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