Ion exchange

Effective reduction of potentially oxidizable polyphenols in an efficient, easy to apply and sustainable process.

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This is how HL2 works

After several years of research, we have developed a technique for the reduction of polyphenols, mainly catechins, which guarantees a reduction of colour in the must without negatively altering its organoleptic qualities.

The HL2 system is based on the principle of Ion Exchange, which consists of the substitution of ions of the same sign between a mobile phase, the must/wine (A-), and a stationary phase, the resin (B+), through its functional groups.

This resin selectively removes the desired ion while respecting other ions present in the medium.

After a long R&D process, we have developed a specific resin with a special activation process called HL2.

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Ionic exchange process

Intercambio iónico

Regeneration process

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Great advantages for start-up and operation:

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