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Proveget FLOT is the ideal solution for fast and high performance clarification. It is an alternative to the use of adjuvants of animal origin, and even improves their characteristics by eliminating potentially oxidizable substances more effectively.

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Proveget FLOT improves the consistency and speed of floc formation by combining the electrostatic characteristics of vegetable protein with those of chitin-glucan, a highly charged polysaccharide. As a result, the removal of particles from the must, including potentially oxidizable elements, is accelerated. By improving floc compaction, performance is significantly improved.

Proveget FLOT is a natural product, of non-animal origin, obtained from raw material free of genetically modified organisms (Non GMO).


Dynamic must clarification by flotation.

White, rosé and red musts from thermovinification.


Must flotation: 50-200 ml/hl

Must: 200-500 ml/hl

Wine: 100-300 ml/hl

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