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Enozym EXTRA AROME is a specific enzymatic preparation for the maximum extraction of varietal aromas in must clarification or skin maceration of white grapes.

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Enozym EXTRA AROME is a liquid preparation, easy to apply, highly concentrated in pectin lyase (PL) that, at very low doses, provides clear, high-yielding musts. It achieves greater intensity and stability of aromas.

It incorporates β-glucosidase activity, which allows the release of aromatic precursors during the development of alcoholic fermentation.

Highly purified enzymatic activities, limits the extraction of herbaceous elements and controls the release of methanol. Suitable for direct use on whole grapes.

Due to its concentration, it is effective at low temperatures (10o C) and at very low doses.


  • Prefermentative skin maceration. Release of aromatic precursors of glycosidic nature (terpenes). When applied during the maceration of the white grapes (before pressing) there is greater extraction of the pellicular content, and therefore greater extraction of aromatic precursors that can be revealed gradually during alcoholic fermentation.
  • Settling: allows fast and efficient settling, and achieves a high compaction of the solid fraction.


Settling: > 0.4 ml /hl

Application on whole grapes in press or macerator: >0.8ml/100kg

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