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Enovin Clar is an enzymatic preparation of pectolytic nature that selectively hydrolyzes the bonds between pectic substances present in the middle lamina and the cell wall of the skin, reducing the viscosity of the must and facilitating the clarification and settling of white and rosé musts.

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  • Static desludging. The addition of Enovin Clar accelerates the clarification of the must due to the rapid decrease in its turbidity.
  • It is effective at low temperatures and achieves high compaction of the solid fraction at the bottom of the tank.
  • Clean musts facilitate the expression of varietal aromatic potential.
  • Dynamic desludging: the use of Enovin Clar achieves a rapid decrease in must viscosity, allowing higher yields in vacuum filters and centrifuges, which can exceed 50%.
  • Used in flotation, it reduces the use of adjuvants.
  • Facilitates clarification and filtration of press wines.
  • Preventive treatment of musts with rot. Applied together with Enovin Glucan (high β-glucanase action) improves colloid precipitation and avoids subsequent clarification and filtration problems.


Thawing: > 1 g/hl

Centrifugation / Filtration: > 2 g/ hl

Flotation: > 2 g/ hl

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