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Enovin Pectinase is a broad spectrum liquid enzyme preparation for the treatment of musts and wines.

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Enovin Pectinase selectively hydrolyzes the bonds between pectic substances present in the middle lamina and the skin cell wall.

Reduces the viscosity of musts and wines, accelerating the settling of white and rosé musts and the clarification of wines. In red wines, it facilitates the disintegration of the vegetal wall, anticipating the extraction of the coloring matter.

Enovin Pectinase is a purified preparation and contains no secondary activities and is free of cinnamyl esterase activity (FCE).


  • Unbottlenecked. The addition of Enovin Pectinase accelerates the clarification of the must due to the rapid decrease of its turbidity. It is effective at low temperatures and achieves high compaction of the solid fraction at the bottom of the tank.
  • Maceration of red grapes: Enovin Pectinase accelerates color extraction by solubilization of the cell wall.
  • Highly recommended in flash detente and thermovinification processes, drastically reducing viscosity after processing.
  • Facilitates clarification and filtration of all wines, including press wines.


Settling: White and rosé wines: > 2 ml/hl

Maceration (18-25oC): Red wines: > 2 ml/100 kg

Detergent flash (30-40oC) 5-10 min: > 8 ml/hl

Thermomaceration (50-55o) 30 -60 min: 3-5 ml/hl

Clarification and filtration: 4 ml/hl

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