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Viniferm KLR is a killer yeast (K2 phenotype), ensuring rapid and complete yeast implantation in difficult conditions such as: high temperatures, large volumes or high populations of indigenous yeasts.

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  • Specific strain for flash and thermovinification.
  • Viniferm KLR , due to its killer character, ensures a good and complete alcoholic fermentation, consuming all the sugars in the must, even in difficult conditions such as: extreme fermentation temperatures, musts poor in assimilable nitrogen and fatty acids, high alcohol levels, highly clarified musts.
  • Viniferm KLR respects the typicity of vines that produce few aromatic compounds, contributing positively to aromatic complexity and finesse.
  • Viniferm KLR is recommended for low-temperature vinification of white, rosé and red wines while preserving the varietal typicity of the grape varieties.


  • Vinification 20-30 g/hl.