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Proveget QUIT is a natural solution for the removal of oxidizable polyphenols. It acts against catechins and leucoanthocyanidins, preventing the wine from evolving towards oxidized tones and reducing the need for sulfur as an antioxidant.

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It can be applied in musts that are potentially oxidizable due to the effect of harvesting, or of more oxidative varieties.

In altered wines it restores straw and pale tones. In all wines, it contributes to their better evolution over time.

To achieve this effect, PROVEGET QUIT combines the electrostatic characteristics of vegetable protein with those of chitin-glucan, a highly charged polysaccharide. It is associated with bentonite for its rapid sedimentation and elimination.

Substantially improves the cleanliness of the finished wine, eliminating potentially oxidizable elements. By improving lees compaction, the yield improves. It respects the structure and aromatic expression of the wine.

PROVEGET QUIT is a natural product, of non-animal origin, and free of allergens. Obtained from raw material free of genetically modified organisms (Non GMO).


Must and wine clarification.

Preventive or curative application.


Must: 20-80g/hl
Wine: 20-80G/hl

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