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Mannocup is a biological preparation based on yeast bark rich in mannoproteins and copper citrate. Fast and specific action against the elimination of reduction defects in wines. Eliminates abnormal olfactory sensations of hydrogen sulfide and derivatives, described as: rotten egg, cooked vegetables, pickled vegetables, braking, burnt rubber, among others.

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Mannocup is a yeast hull preparation with a high affinity for sulfur compounds. Its soluble mannoprotein content, not bound to polysaccharides, has a rapid action on the sensation of volume in the mouth, eliminating possible imbalances and filtering the sensory impact of undesirable molecules.

Copper citrate binds sulfur molecules with greater affinity and has less impact on the sensory balance of the wine than copper sulfate. The combination of this salt with yeast hulls helps to remove the copper from the wine, once its effect has been realized.

Mannocup allows the removal of sulfur compounds with high efficiency without devaluing the aromatic heritage of the wine and without significantly increasing its copper content. Blue clarification is not necessary.


In white and red wines. Before clarification and stabilization


Wine 5-15 g/hl

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