The white wines of this harvest. What awaits us and how to guarantee its quality

In our last post, we discussed how the harvest is expected to be in the different wine regions due to the weather throughout the year, but especially the grape ripening season, that is, this summer, which has been especially hot, with just a few irregular rains.

In this article, we will focus on white wines, what we should know and how we should act to get excellent quality wines, knowing in advance what the consequences of this summer will be, and how Agrovin is working to provide the best solutions.

Let’s begin.

Once again, our Director of Oenology Luis Cotanda talks about the problems we face and the solutions Agrovin can provide to wineries.

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We know that we are going to find white grapes with low levels of easily assimilable nitrogen (YAN). As we mentioned in the previous post, this inconvenience will affect aromatic production and make the end of fermentation difficult.


In this case, we need products that can increase the YAN content.

For this specific problem, the Agrovin Group offers Actimax Natura, a product developed by its technical team, with a high concentration of YAN in the form of amino acids, essential to guarantee the quality of the wines after fermentation, since the amino acids will greatly help the yeast at the end of the fermentation, avoiding nutritional deficiencies, while also serving as a substrate in the production of fermentative aromas.


In addition, the low level of YAN also leads to a lower concentration of aromatic precursors (thiols and terpenes) and, therefore, our white wines will be less aromatic.


To avoid this, we must use yeasts capable of efficiently transforming the greatest amount of aromatic precursors. Thus we should highlight our two yeasts with a high ß-lyase activity:

In addition, we should favour the enzymatic activity of the yeast with nutrients rich in amino acids, for which we recommend the application of Actimax Natura.

At the same time, to help increase the extraction of grape precursors with specific enzymes, we recommend the use of

  • Enozym Extra Arome, a specific enzymatic preparation for the maximum extraction of varietal aromas in must clarification or the skin maceration of white grapes.


We have said that the grapes will be smaller, which causes an increase in polyphenolic concentration, and, in the case of white wines, they will be more bitter and more easily oxidised.

In addition, its size will also affect pressing yields, which will be lower.


To protect oxidation from the first phases, we propose using Actimax Varietal, a specific product with antioxidant action that is also rich in organic YAN, as is Actimax Natura mentioned above.

At the same time, we propose the use of Super Bouquet Evolution in order to prevent browning. When the polyphenols oxidise, they give colour to white wines, so this is one of the best solutions that can be applied as an antioxidant rich in glutathione, which also prevents aroma oxidation.

For its part, Enozym Lux is intended to increase pressing performance. An easy-to-apply liquid preparation that provides clear, high-yielding musts, thanks to its high pectin-lyase activity.

To eliminate the excess of polyphenols in whites, we recommend the application of Proveget Premium, a state-of-the-art treatment developed entirely by our research team based on vegetable protein, which is used both for the racking phase by flotation and for finished wine. This clarifying treatment helps to avoid bitterness and reduce oxidised and easily oxidisable polyphenols.

Another possibility for reducing bitterness is to increase the content of mannoproteins in the wine with aging on the lees after fermentation.

Finally, remember that the high concentration of polyphenols can give rise to pinking (an oxidative phenomenon of white wine) that gives rise to a colour evolution towards a greyish-pinkish hue.

Finally, keeping in mind that we know in advance what the state of the white grape will be this season, due to high temperatures and the drought, it is important to take into account the possible consequences that could affect the end results of the white wines, in order to take action with the indicated treatments to obtain high-quality wines. At the Agrovin Group, we are ready to help answer any questions or concerns from our technical department.

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