The new Agrovin Group website, a tool designed to help winemakers and oenologists in their everyday work

The Agrovin Group wants to become the best ally of winemakers and oenologists around the world by offering a tool that is useful to them in their day to day work. That is the reason that the Group has completely redone the design and content of its website


With this new proposal, developed by the company itself for wineries around the world, the group proposes a new way of communicating with its main users, the wineries themselves. How? By offering the tools necessary for every winemaker to consult in their day to day when making quality wines while also helping them to become increasingly responsible wineries in terms of optimising resources and energy savings. Perhaps this is your case and we hope that the changes made on the page will help.


As you can see for yourself, it is a totally innovative and modern webpage that reflects all of the Group’s services and products at a glance. And not just that, the Agrovin Group provides its point of view on each step of the production process, with a unique proposal and protocols that demonstrate how it works in each of the winemaking phases, from the initial conception of the character of the wine to the final phase.


Thus, in a very simple way, the user can find and learn more about the company’s various areas of activity, which range from oenological products (tannins, oak alternatives, enzymes, nutrients, yeasts or antioxidants, among others), to machinery and equipment for comprehensive projects with the latest technology, or its Technology branch, which provides safe, durable and effective solutions that create value for wineries and for oenology with its own highly valuable and innovative technical systems.


Because, in fact, innovation is a fundamental pillar for the company, something that is clearly evident on the new website. As reflected in its laboratory section, the Agrovin Group is involved in large R+D+i projects together with the most relevant wineries, research centers and universities in the oenological world and its own laboratory is the largest in Spain.


And immediately, with just three simple clicks, winemakers and winery technicians will be able to find specific information on each company’s products, systems or machines in the download section.



The reference website for wineries around the world


Translated into five languages, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian, it will be, without a doubt, the website of reference to consult for any winery around the world, thanks to a new intuitive and improved browsing experience. The Agrovin Group has put innovation at the service of its customers inside and outside the winery, with all the information and tools necessary to facilitate their processes and help them achieve their challenges.


To do so, all the content you can find on the site has been developed in close collaboration with the team of technical and commercial professionals on staff, a meticulous project in which it has been fundamental to know the needs of the wineries first hand and provide the best solutions.


Another novelty is the incorporation of the sensations map ®, a very useful tool that, as you can see for yourself, allows you to graphically display the olfactory and taste phases of the wine and observe which attributes we should modify to achieve the perfect balance that allows the two phases to come together and enhance to form a truly great wine.


Through this tool, winemakers from anywhere around the world can interactively discover their wine’s profile and what they want to achieve, through the measurement of parameters included in the map. It is a totally innovative tool that represents a step further in the evolution of oenology and that facilitates the work of wineries in the precision in refining wines.


In short, with the sensation map ®, our technical team has managed to develop a common tasting language that makes it possible to define the wine’s profile in an easy and schematic manner. We have materialised this method in a tool that facilitates decision-making when defining the character of the wine and helps us to be more precise in refining. You can try to draw your own sensations map here.


You can find a video summary on the website, we hope you enjoy it.


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