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Actimax Corcell is a 100% bark or yeast wall preparation, for use in both must and wine. It is capable of exerting a powerful action against alcoholic and malolactic fermentation inhibitors.

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Adsorbs the main inhibitors of alcoholic and malolactic fermentation: short and medium chain fatty acids (C6, C8, C10, C12), fungicide and phytosanitary residues, avoiding fermentation stoppages.

It is rich in mannans and glucans with a specific adsorption capacity and a neutral taste.

It stimulates alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, as it is rich in sterols and unsaturated fatty acid chains: these substances help regulate membrane permeability and promote alcoholic fermentation.

Due to its polysaccharide content, color stability is improved and astringency and bitterness are reduced.


Actimax Corcell is used:

  • During alcoholic fermentation: viability is increased.
  • During malolactic fermentation: cell mortality is reduced by inactivation of inhibitory substances (toxins and polyphenols).
  • During fermentation stoppages or slowdowns: eliminates toxic elements, favoring the reestablishment of fermentation*.
  • Actimax Corcell does not increase the NFA content, so if the fermentation stop is due to a nitrogen deficiency, a nitrogen element (Actipase; Actimax PLUS) should be added together.


Preventive measure: 20-40 g/hl

Curative measure: Stop fermentation: 40 g/hl

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