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Actimax Vit is a fermentation activator exclusively based on organic nitrogen and vitamins.

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In alcoholic fermentation, inactivated yeasts are an important source of primary amino acids, which are slowly assimilated. Corrects nitrogen deficiencies in the must without risk of temperature rise or sensory deviations.

Actimax Vit provides a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals, metabolic cofactors of yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

Inactive yeast cell walls increase the polysaccharide content. They are also an excellent adsorbent of toxic substances.


Can be used:

  • At the beginning or during alcoholic fermentation, to balance the organic nitrogen content of the must.
  • Before malolactic fermentation, to stimulate its development. Amino acids are the only source of nitrogen that can be assimilated by lactic acid bacteria.
  • In cases of alcoholic fermentation stoppages or slowdowns.


Normal fermentation conditions: 10-20 g/hl

Difficult conditions: 20-30 g/hl

Curative use: fermentation stops: 30-40 g/hl

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