At Agrovin we work to offer the best solutions according to the needs of wineries and winemakers, taking into account the latest trends and advances in the sector.

Wine refining catalog

A new approach to determining wine character.

In this catalog we have classified the products, not by what they are, but by their overall effect on the wine, so that it is easier to guide the final stages of winemaking to find the balance between tactile and aromatic sensations.

Catalogo de Afinado Agrovin
UltraWine Perseo

Ultrawine Perseo

A pioneering system in the sector that allows extracting the maximum potential from the grapes through the use of ultrasound, while helping to mitigate the effects of climate change on the grape ripening lag.

Patented worldwide by Agrovin, it is indicated to optimize winemaking processes, as it reduces maceration time by up to 50%, with energy savings of 15%.

Latest products

Mannoplus ND

All the properties of purified mannoprotein now in liquid form.

Spirit Range

Oak alternatives to define the profile and complexity of your wines.

Proveget Premium

Vegetable-based fining agent for fresh wines and more frank primary aromas.

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