Application of ion exchange for colour control in white musts R&D

OBJECTIVE: In this project, AGROVIN aims to carry out strategic, multidisciplinary and regional research in the field of viticulture, which will enable the generation of scientific-technical knowledge whose application should lay the foundations for a new way of treating musts in order to stabilise their colour and extend their useful life. If the project is technically successful, it will lead to an increase in the solutions offered by the market for the treatment of musts, which could be used in the future to improve the quality of the wines made from them, thus prolonging their suitability for the national and international markets. The specific objectives of the project are: – Development of preventive treatments for must oxidation by means of resin-mediated anion exchange technology. – Define cleaning and regeneration products. – Development of working protocols for the applications defined above. – Study of the chemical stability of the must. – Technology transfer with the design of a semi-industrial machine.


PROJECT TITLE: Application of ion exchange for colour control in white musts.

Start date: 9/07/2015

End date: 18/07/2016

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