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Spirit nº1 Pure is a chip that blends different botanical and roasted origins to achieve unique properties of sweetness and respect for the fruit.

Its application allows to define the fruit profile of the wines with a slight contribution of wood, enhancing the sweet nuances both on the nose, thanks to the contribution of lactones and vanillin, and on the palate. It brings subtle notes of undergrowth and even white flower notes.



It increases the sensations at the entrance of the mouth and in the center with the unctuousness. It increases the structure of the wine. Very suitable to increase the sensations of fruit without the contribution of an evident wood.
Recommended for wines where an increase of fruity sensations with a very soft contribution of wood is sought.
It is also recommended for wines with reduction or wines with a low redox potential in order to open them up and allow them to express themselves better.


  • Wine 1 – 5 g/l

Both the dosage and the duration of treatment will depend on the degree of yield and the intensity of the desired characteristics.
Recommended contact time: 4 weeks.
It is advisable to carry out preliminary tests to determine dosage and frequent tastings to determine the optimum treatment time.