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Actimax Oeni is a specific nutrient to stimulate malolactic fermentation under difficult conditions.

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Lactic acid bacteria have complex nutritional requirements, as they have lost the ability to synthesize many compounds necessary for growth. These include B vitamins and most amino acids.

These compounds are usually contributed by the yeast lees from alcoholic fermentation. However, on certain occasions this natural supply may be insufficient. In these cases, nutritional regulation of the wine is necessary. Actimax Oeni provides:

  • Organic nitrogen in the form of primary amino acids, the only source of nitrogen assimilable by lactic acid bacteria.
  • Mineral supply, especially enriched in magnesium and manganese, cofactors of key metabolic enzymes (kinases, malolactic enzyme).
  • Group B vitamins (thiamine, nicotinic acid, biotin and pantothenic acid), unable to be synthesized by lactic acid bacteria and absent in wines after alcoholic fermentation.
  • By incorporating cell walls of inactivated yeasts, turbidity increases and the content of polysaccharides in suspension increases, improving fermentation kinetics.
  • The presence of polysaccharides attenuates the unfavorable effect of the tannic fraction in wines with high color concentration, wines with tannin addition or barrel fermentation.
  • Actimax Oeni is an excellent adsorbent of toxic substances, eliminating compounds that inhibit malolactic fermentation (fatty acids from irregular alcoholic fermentation, pesticide residues).


Actimax Oeni is used to enhance the development of malolactic fermentation in

  • Wines clarified, filtered or with several rackings.
  • Wines with a long time between alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.
  • Wines fermented with slow autolysis yeasts, resistant to ethanol.
  • Wines from very ripe grapes


Normal fermentation conditions: 10-20 g/hl

Difficult conditions: 20-30 g/hl

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