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Actimax FERM is an alcoholic fermentation activator formulated with ammonium phosphate and sulfate, inactivated yeasts and thiamine.

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Its addition to the must increases the easily assimilable nitrogen, ensuring the ideal complement in organic and inorganic nitrogen, significantly improving the conditions of the medium for the rapid development of yeasts. Increased levels of NFA favor the multiplication of yeasts and ensure their correct activity throughout the fermentation process.

Prevents the appearance of sensory defects associated with nutrient deficiencies such as reduction problems: SH2 and derivatives. Decreases the production of volatile acidity. Improves the content of aromatic esters.

Inactive yeasts also provide sterols and long-chain fatty acids, elements of cell resistance. They also protect the yeasts themselves by binding toxic inhibitors such as C8-C12 fatty acids or pesticide residues.

Thiamine is an essential growth factor, the presence of which results in high viability in the early stages of fermentation.


  • Actimax FERM allows:
  • Fermenting under difficult conditions at low temperatures, as well as musts of high potential alcoholic strength or very clarified.
  • Avoid stuck fermentations and slow fermentations. Combats stuck fermentation.
  • Absorb potential fermentation-inhibiting toxins.
  • It is especially recommended for grapes with rottenness or from late harvests, where nitrogen deficiencies are more important. Useful in case of suspected pesticide residues in the must.


Normal fermentation conditions : 10-20 g/hl

Difficult conditions: 20-30 g/hl

Curative use: fermentation stops : 30-40 g/hl


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