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Potassium bicarbonate (E-501) is a deacidifying agent that modifies the pH by reducing acidity. When added to must or wine, it reacts with tartaric acid, producing potassium bitartrate, which is effectively insolubilized.



  • At harvest, as a must de-acidifier.
  • In white, rosé and red wines for acidity correction during winemaking processes.


  • Grape juice/wine 0.2 – 1 g/.

The maximum deacidification allowed in wines is 1 g/l expressed in tartaric acid, which corresponds to a potassium bicarbonate dosage of 1.3 g/l.
This product may be subject to declaration.

1. Potassium bicarbonate reacts exclusively with tartaric acid to form potassium bitartrate.
After cold stabilization, it will precipitate, resulting in a further decrease in total acidity.

2. In those cases where it is applied prior to bottling, wait 4 to 6 weeks before bottling.



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