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ENOFORUM WEB: Redox Potential in winemaking


AGROVIN has been in the oenological sector for over 60 years, with extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of products, providing oenological solutions and services worldwide, working closely with wineries, universities and research centres in the most important wine areas.One of Agrovin’s specialties is the control of gases in wine. For the last 20 years, the company has been manufacturing and distributing micro-oxygenation equipment. Also related to gases, Agrovin was a pioneer in the use of molecular sieves for the control of gases in wine, managing to launch in 2013 an autonomous equipment that allows to regulate online the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolved in wine.

This knowledge of the importance of gases in wines has allowed the development of other equipment that can control the levels of oxidation and reduction in wines during their production. The conclusion is that the measurement of RedOx potential in winemaking has an influence on a large number of chemical reactions and therefore has a great impact on the final quality of the wine.

This conviction was what prompted them five years ago to start researching what would be the measurement of the RedOx Potential and has enabled them to design and launch several pieces of equipment, including ELECTROWINE, that can measure this Potential in the difficult conditions of the winery.

Taking advantage of the opportunity provided by EoforumWeb, Agrovin has made two presentations explaining two very current topics: “The importance of RedOx Potential” and “Practical experience after several years monitoring RedOx Potential“.

To explain the importance of the RedOx potential in winemaking, they have relied on the collaboration of Dr. Federico Casassa, Doctor of Oenological Chemistry and Sensory Analysis, who is currently an associate Professor at the California Polytechnic University. He has published a large number of scientific articles.

The second lecture was given by Marcia Torres, a speaker with more than 20 years of experience as an oenologist, the last 10 years at Matanza Creek Winery, a California winery belonging to Jackson Family Wines. Marcia has always believed in the importance of measuring the RedOx Potential in wineries and in fact she has been doing so for several years now. Thanks to this experience she is able to make important decisions based on this parameter such as:

  • Decide on the timing and type of nutrition during fermentation.
  • Make more responsible use of sulphur additions, based on the tendency of the wine to oxidize or reduce.
  • Decide on the optimal time for bottling, increasing the longevity of wines and defining the aromatic profile.

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The papers reproduced in these videos were presented at the 1st Spanish edition of Enforum Web (5-7 May 2020) within the module organized in collaboration with Agrovin (

The importance of RedOx Potential: Federico Casassa, California Polytechnic State University

Practical experience after several years monitoring RedOx Potential: Marcia Torres, Matanza Creek Winery

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