Agrovin and the Brewery Sector

Factoría de Cerveza, a means of communication dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of brewery culture, interviewed our colleague José Luis del Valle, head of Machinery for AGROVIN, where he has been able to explain in detail the work AGROVIN has been doing in the sector in recent years in the brewery sector. AGROVIN has been taking important steps in entering the beer segment, seeing significant growth in recent times with good results, despite the crisis.

After years of hard work to get a foothold in this sector, AGROVIN is currently able to offer all the equipment necessary for the manufacture of beer, covering the production process and providing professional quality solutions for its manufacture and packaging, from the brew room and cellar until bottling, as well as all the required processes, with its existing network of technical and after-sales service distributed throughout Spain.

The master packaging machine lines include the following:

  • Line of rotary isobaric machines for cans and bottles, which we are using with Twin Monkeys (a US pioneer in canning machinery).
  • High performance linear and rotary labellers.
  • In the packaging line we have depalletizers, fillers, rinsers and palletizers.

In short, AGROVIN has a complete portfolio of machinery to cover all brewery needs.

As noted by José Luis del Valle, “AGROVIN has the capacity to set up turnkey factories starting from zero.” All this is achieved thanks to the effort and continuous improvement of AGROVIN’s Machinery and Engineering Department, which is constantly being updated to offer our customers the latest advances and technical innovations, ensuring the highest-quality final product.

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