Development of an oenological itinerary for producing high quality sulphur dioxide-free wines R&D

OBJECTIVE: This is a consortium project led by Bodegas Roda S.A. with three business partners, PRODUCTOS AGROVIN S.A., ADEGAS VALMIÑOR and a technological partner, FUNDACIÓN PARQUE TECNOLÓGICO DEL VINO (VITEC). The technical objective of the project is to develop an oenological itinerary that, by applying new additives and processes, will make it possible to produce and market high quality wines free of sulphur dioxide. To this end, strategies will be developed to reduce or eliminate sulphur dioxide, guaranteeing the microbiological stability of the wine, avoiding the action of polyphenol oxidase and the chemical oxidation of the wines, in short, without negatively affecting the quality of the product. AGROVIN’s participation in the project means its consolidation in the Spanish and international market of oenological solutions, both in terms of microorganisms and additives as well as technology and processes, researching new applications of products currently on the market and developing new products and production strategies to replace the use of sulphur dioxide in oenological products, offering new functions for its products and developing new commercial opportunities in the field of sulphur dioxide substitute additives, with the resulting opportunities to open up the market and capture new customers.


TITLE OF THE PROJECT: Development of an oenological itinerary for producing high quality sulphur dioxide-free wines.

Start date: 1/10/2012

End date: 31/12/2015


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