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Viniferm ELITE is the ideal strain to increase the varietal descriptors of red wines.

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Its sensory profile enhances the characteristics of the terroir:

  • Wines without residual sugars. Its resistance to ethanol leads to alcoholic fermentation until the total exhaustion of sugars.
  • More microbiologically stable wines. Lower incidence of alterations (Brettanomyces among them).
  • Less alcoholic wines. Its low sugar/ethanol yield allows the grapes to be harvested at optimum maturity.
  • Wines without reduction notes. It does not produce hydrogen sulfide, avoiding the presence of reduction due to nitrogen deficiencies in the environment and grape maturity.
  • Varietal wines. Release of thiol precursors, which are also definitive in the aromatic palette of red wines.
  • Round wines, without edges, with integrated tannin and good aging capacity: due to its glycerol production and capacity for parietal lysis.


Varietal red wines, structured and elegant, made from ripe grapes with high potential alcohol content and subsequent development in wood.


Vinification 20-30 g/hl