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Viniferm Direct is a yeast specifically selected for easy application in the winery with good adaptability to the limiting conditions of the must.

The production process and the intrinsic characteristics of the yeast strain favor the implementation of Viniferm Direct without the traditional yeast hydration.

Suitable for red wines where the varietal profile is to be enhanced. Improvement of the organoleptic qualities of wines from grapes with a high tannic component or less ripening balance.

Wine style




Viniferm Direct is a yeast with a marked varietal profile that, due to its high polysaccharide release, improves smoothness in the mouth in structured wines with a high polyphenolic component. It also allows to rebalance those wines made from grapes with less ripening balance.


Vinification in Direct Addition: 30-40 g/hl

Vinification in traditional rehydration: 20-30 g/hl


Viniferm Direct can be used both in traditional rehydration and in direct addition.


1. Add the dried yeasts in 10 times their weight in water at 35- 40°C (10 liters of water per 1 kg of yeast).

2. Wait 10 minutes.

3. Shake the mixture.

4. Wait 10 minutes and add to the must, taking care to avoid a difference of more than 10°C between the rehydrated medium and the must.

Direct addition:

Direct addition work can be performed on a fraction of wort or on the cap:

Addition on cap:

1. Sprinkle on the cap ensuring a good coverage of the cap.

2. Carry out an open pumping-over for 30 minutes after the addition of the yeast.

Addition on must fraction:

1. Add on a must fraction (Minimum 20 times its weight in must).

2. Wait 10 minutes.

3. Shake the mixture.

4. Wait 10 minutes and add to the tank.

5. To make an open pumping up after the incorporation to the tank.