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An innovative format in oak alternatives, it is presented as a very useful and differentiating tool in winemaking due to the characteristic aromas that are extracted.


Spirit Smoothie is a unique topping to enhance the fruity sensation of the wine. Designed to enhance and promote fresh aromas.

It participates in the sensation of fruit at low doses. At higher doses, it can provide spicy and vegetal notes that favor the sensation of freshness; at these doses, certain notes of vanilla can also appear.

Specific to provide fat in the center of the mouth. It also participates in the volume and slightly in the finish maintaining the acid sensation. Of all the benefits provided by the oak, we can highlight:

  • Larger contact surface, higher compound release rate.
  • Raw material of the same quality as the staves and chips.
  • Homogeneous roasting.
  • Contains no artificial binders.
  • Easy application, with mesh directly to the wine.


  • Wine 0.25-3 g/l

Both the dosage and the duration of treatment will depend on the degree of yield and the intensity of the desired characteristics. Spirit Smoothie, due to its particular pellet format, facilitates short treatment periods.
The duration of the treatment can range from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the starting wine and the effect to be achieved. It is advisable to carry out preliminary tests in order to specify
dosage and frequent tastings to determine the optimum treatment time.