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Actimax Regrowth is a nutrient specifically formulated for use in intensive biomass production systems and in fermentations where low doses of active dry yeast are used.

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Its addition provides the specific needs required by the yeast during cell multiplication, ensuring a rapid growth of the yeast population with high fermentative capacities.

In addition, Actimax Regrowth provides fungal chitosan (Aspergillus Niger) as a clarifier with antimicrobial activity to limit the development of contaminant populations.

Its composition is focused on covering the demanding needs in components that yeast requires during the multiplication process:

  • The presence of survival factors such as sterols and fatty acids improves yeast viability by forming part of the composition of its lipid membrane. In situations of anaerobiosis Saccharomyces cerevisae is unable to synthesize them, for this reason an adequate availability of sterols, such as ergosterol, during the multiplication process, facilitates the yeast’s integration, strengthening the fluid mosaic structure of the plasma membrane, improving its physical properties and its relationship with the medium.
  • Growth factors encompass mineral salts naturally present in the cytosol acting as natural gears of metabolic activity. Their involvement in the synthesis of a multitude of enzymes, as well as in the composition of the cell membrane, will make these compounds essential to improve the multiplication rate.
  • Adequate content of readily assimilable nitrogen will lead to a further increase in growth rate. Inorganic nitrogen in the form of ammonium salts will be the most easily assimilated source by yeast in a high demand situation such as biomass production in reactors.
  • The supply of inorganic nitrogen with Actimax Regrowth is exclusively in the form of ammonium phosphate.
  • The contribution of chitosan will decrease the contaminating microbiological load, improving the multiplication speed of the selected strain, as well as the purity of the inoculum. The control of indigenous bacteria and yeasts will prevent the consumption of nutritional resources, as well as the formation of undesirable aromas.


The application of Actimax Regrowth allows:

  • Rapidly obtaining a sufficient yeast population for guaranteed tank inoculation.
  • Better yeast adaptation to must conditions with higher survival rates and faster fermentation onset.
  • To obtain a biomass with higher ethanol resistance, resulting in safer fermentation ends and reducing the risk of reduction aromas or high volatile acidity production.
  • The application in the foot of the vat to obtain a resistant yeast population during the tirage process.
  • Control of the indigenous flora, guaranteeing the purity of the inoculum.
  • Obtaining a sufficient population when starting from low doses of active dry yeast, so that a greater number of generations does not affect yeast resistance.


Recommended dosage in fermentations with direct inoculation yeasts or with low addition of active dry yeast: 20 – 30 g/hl

Maximum authorized dose: 60 g/hl

Dosage for biomass creation in intensive production systems: 300 g/hl