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Randalite are perlites resulting from the processing of a volcanic rock whose chemical composition consists mainly of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3), in addition to other compounds.

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Randalite pearlites have water occluded in combination, which gives it the exceptional property of expanding when subjected to high temperatures.

The expanded perlite, after delicate crushing and classification processes, is transformed into a filtering aid whose particles, by interlacing, can form an incompressible cake, with 80 – 90 % of hollow spaces, through which the liquids to be filtered will pass, retaining the solid elements in suspension, even those of microscopic size.


Randalite is used for the filtration of pharmaceutical or food liquids, such as wine, glucose, sugar, beer, musts, liquors, water, oils and pharmaceutical products in general.

Randalite is a perlite especially indicated for making a consistent and easily manageable precoat in vacuum filters. Due to its low granulometry, it allows obtaining liquids with good cleanliness.

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