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Radifil RP are diatomaceous earths with an average permeability between 0.09 and 0.30 darcies. Diatoms come from very porous sedimentary rocks, essentially made up of fossil siliceous shells of microoscopic unicellular algae and are used as filtration aids, due to their porosity and high adsorption capacity.

Filtration type

Diatomaceous Earth






Because of its high porosity, the diatomite extracted from the quarries contains between 60 and 70% water. After milling, the ore is dried, crushed and then purified to powder form.

Radifil RP diatoms are then calcined in furnaces between 800 and 1100 o C. This calcination removes organic matter and agglomerates the diatoms, without altering their porosity. After cooling, the product is ground and then sorted in order to make precise particle size cuts, responding to the various applications.


Filtration of beverages such as musts, wines, beers, juices, ciders, oils and fats.

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