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Radicel is a filtration aid made from pure cellulose. It is a chemically inert substrate insoluble in food liquids.

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Thanks to the pre-treatment, Radicel acquires a high adsorption capacity, making the cellulose suitable for the formation of homogeneous precoats in filter beds. It allows for greater filtration efficiency, as well as a high depth retention capacity, due to the complex network it forms. It is highly resistant to pressure shocks due to its high elasticity, especially when working in filters with vertical plates.


In the filtration of:

  • Liquids from the food industry: wines, musts, juices, beers, ciders and others.
  • Liquids from other industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. acting as precoat support to the filter cloths.

Due to its special manufacturing process, it achieves a perfect wetting after mixing with diatomaceous earth, and therefore, a totally homogeneous filtering layer.

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