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Depth filter plate for the pharmaceutical industry.

Filtration type


Filtration with high retention power of microorganisms and endotoxins.

BECO PR sterile S 100, PR sterile S 80, PR sterile 40.

BECO depth filter plates with a high degree of retention of microorganisms and small colloidal particles, due to the low interstitial porosity of the cellulose fibers and the application of an electrokinetic potential with a high adsorption effect. These filter plates are characterized by high endotoxin retention rates.

Microorganism-reducing fine filtration.


BECO filter plates for a high degree of clarification. Due to their nominal grade, these plates retain particles of small size and variable nature, which together with the power of retention of microorganisms makes them suitable for the final filtration or polishing of liquid foodstuffs. They can also be used in practice as efficient prefilters in membrane processes such as reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration or in ion exchange processes for the protection of chromatography columns.

Clarifying filtration.

BECO PR 5, PR 1.

BECO filter plates with a fibrous structure of variable porosity ranging from a nominal grade of 0.8 _m to 5 _m, which ensures a high turbidity retention capacity at depth and a significant reduction of the microbial population.

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