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The BECO ACF 07 filter plate is used in processes requiring stringent liquid filtration in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and biotechnology industries. It has a high absorption capacity due to its high content of active carbon.


They exert their filtering effect in the upstream and deep zone of the material structure (static depth filtration). The porosity of these plates is obtained as a result of the mixture of coarse and fine materials, the proportion of which is predetermined for each type of plate.
BECO ACF 07 plate activated carbon is an acid-washed, steam-activated, microporous inert material. During the decolorization of the products, a physical bond is created between the activated carbon and the pollutants or dyes on the inner surface, which is non-polar and has a high affinity for organic molecules.
The depth filtration system offers, by means of BECO filter plates, a number of advantages over other filtration methods:
Screen filtration systems are combined with the adsorption effect.
The differentiated pore structure, depending on the type of filter, and its maximum inner surface always ensure a good efficiency as a clarifier with high performance.

The specific advantages of BECO ACF 07:

  • High adsorption capacity for decolorization and removal of unwanted aromas.
  • Structure of differentiated composition, fibrous and porous, with a large inner surface for the most diverse fields of application and working conditions.
  • Very easy to use, allowing handling without generating dust.

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